Tips for Falling Asleep with a CPAP Machine

Sleeping with a cpap

Having a good night’s sleep is exceptionally essential, not just for your health but also because it helps you feel relaxed. For patients with sleep apnea, getting used to falling asleep with a CPAP machine is different. Some people take to their CPAP therapy right away while others can’t fall asleep with CPAP. It is vital to familiarize yourself with your mask and feel comfortable wearing it. Here are some tips for falling asleep with a CPAP and staying asleep.

How to Fall Asleep with CPAP

Whether you wear a CPAP mask or not, most of the things that help to have a better sleep are universal. If you are unable to wear a mask, these tips can be helpful.

Ease Yourself into Using a CPAP

Are you struggling to sleep with CPAP? An excellent way to get used to your CPAP mask and equipment is using your CPAP therapy equipment for a few short periods in a day. For example, you can wear your CPAP mask when watching a movie or reading a book. This is an excellent way to get used to your mask. You can also notice if your mask requires adjustments that could otherwise have hindered your sleep.

Make Your CPAP Mask Comfortable

Using a CPAP while sleeping

The most common problem that makes CPAP patient wonder how to go to sleep with CPAP is a poor fitting mask. If the mask is not fitting correctly, you may be unable to sleep, which is not a good thing. It defeats the need for the mask. That is why it is essential to test your mask and find the right fit for you.

Lower the Room Temperature

If your room is too warm, you might find it difficult to fall asleep, even during CPAP during naps. When you fall asleep using a CPAP machine, your body temperature fluctuates, your core temperature reduces, while the temperature of your hands and feet increases. To offset this, you should try setting your thermostat to a cool temperature. Typically, the ideal setting is between 60–75°F.

Additional Tips for Falling Asleep while using a CPAP

If the tips above tips for using a cpap machine did not work for you or do not sound appealing, below are a few more that you can try.

  • Improve your sleeping environment by making it clean
  • Put on relaxing music
  • Exercise during the day, the first morning after CPAP
  • Acquire a comfortable bed
  • Reduce caffeine and drink a soothing beverage
  • Focus on trying to stay awake during the day
  • Try using sleep-enhancing supplements
  • Get up and do some exercises, for 10 minutes every morning
  • Take a warm shower before bed
  • Wear socks when going to bed

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